Volume Analysis Code for VSA

Every one will be using volume for their trading, but volume when combined with price gives us an extra edge which many fail to see.

We in FIG, are creating all strategies with the help of Volume and Price. One such strategy or concept or we can say a timing indicator is Volume spread analysis. Being a Volume profile trader not knowing volume spread analysis is very bad. So we are putting massive effort in spreading awareness about volume spread analysis.

In that way, we have created a simple volume analysis tool  which helps us differentiate Ultra high volume from low volume, average volume and high volume using color coded charts.

The script is live in Trading view.
Please search for “Volume analysis for VSA”

A look of the indicator is below . it will be colored volume bars. each has different notation. I will make a video on how to use it.
Happy trading 😊😊😊




Team FIG

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