It has been a very long time since I had posted an update. Well I was busy on taking courses and making things straight, so that it don’t need my interference. Well I’m back lets analyse what I have do today.

Today two stocks came in my scanner MFSL and RELCAPITAL. Ofcourse there were other stocks, but I cherry picked these two. The reason ? Well that’s based on VSA and volume strength.

MFSL was a very small trade, did not make much from it as it went side ways after my entry. But let me analyse RELCAPITAL

In the above image you can check firstly i got a signal as stopping volume, well stopping volume was the sign of strength, but according to the very important core principle of “EFFORT VS RESULTS”, the stock failed to show the results which is evident in the second 5 minutes candle. But where to short ? Well stock showing that much volume will never yield easily. WHY ? because of retail traders momentum. The demand of those laggard traders has to be absorbed.

Where it can be absorbed ? well ofcourse it can be done in the nearest supply zone. The immediate zone we have is the tail formed yesterday. So allowed the stock to absorb all the supply. the moment it touched the zone (marked as 2), you can see a volume spike a magnetic pull towards the zone by marking up the price, but after that where is the momentum ?.
check the consecutive effort to make new high has been due to very volume. Those are retail traders hoping for the stocks to move up the last leg. At 4 and 5 you can check every effort made bu the traders ended up in vain and volume completely dried up. That is all whole of the demand has been absorbed.

Look at the fall it had after the absorption of demand. Just managed to book 5 points on a 400 rs stocks. 1.25% which when used in leverage 82.5% of profit.

Attaching my profit screen. Although I don’t share profits. Today I got request from one of my member from group so uploading it. Profit from one account. So whenever I trade I do the same trade in all of my accounts.  This is how I manage my trades. trading in multiple accounts.


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