Let the Journey of a Trader begin

Welcome Traders,

As  a trader, we all might have had one question.

What if I become a full-time trader ?

Well in this Financially Independent Group. You will find a path to become a Full Time Professional Trader.

FIG, is founded and developed by software engineers who thought that these stock market has some pattern, has a sound logic behind each price action happening in the Market daily. They felt that these patterns can be easily identified, just Learning market in the Right Way.


Team FIG follows a special charting system, which is very widely popular among Institutional Traders, but kept as a great secret from a daily retail traders like us. We use the concepts of Market Profile, Volume Profile, Order flow charts along with the traditional charting system to get an edge over other traders.

Knowing the potential of the system we have developed, we felt it is the right time for us to teach this unknown concept to traders who loose huge amount of money in the stock Market.

If Opportunity doesn’t knock, Build a Door

-Team Fig will help you build a door

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